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It’s been quite a while since my last post, as I’ve been pretty upset and haven’t felt like writing.

As you will have read, one of my pythons has been having trouble eating recently, and although he seemed to be getting better, his eating was very spasmodic.

Finally, I took him to a reptile vet, and after an examination and some x-rays, he told me that 80% of the little snake’s spine was fused, and he would have been in pain for some time.   This would have made him refuse to eat.  The vet was surprised that he moved as well as he was doing, with the problem.

After some discussion regarding pain relief, we decided that the kindest thing to do was to euthanize the animal, which was done immediately whilst he was still sedated from the examination.

It was very upsetting, and I’ll really miss that little python, who was the first snake I had, and was with me for over fifteen years.

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    • Any RSPCA nearby that you could take it to? Seems strange that it was there with no owners, etc., nearby. Wonder if it was being kept without a licence?

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