Sometimes reptile keepers make stupid mistakes whilst feeding their animals.   These errors are known as SFE’s.   Here are some of mine.

One feeding day, I went to get my very large female stimsoni out of her cage.   She was inside her log, and showed no signs of coming out.    I wriggled my fingers at her, to encourage her to move.   She moved alright – straight at my hand like greased lightening.   Ouch!

Don’t forget to wash your hands between feeding animals – my hand obviously smelt like a rat.

Pythons feeding

Pythons feeding.

While feeding my male stimsoni a mouse, I had my hand laid on the floor near him.    As I was talking to my niece, I didn’t notice him finish his mouse and slither over to my hand, where he very delicately proceeded to try and swallow my little finger!    It didn’t hurt, but felt very strange.   He got as far as the first joint, then decided I wasn’t worth the effort…….

*  * * * *

 On a couple of occasions, whilst putting snakes back into their cages, I’ve been constricted, as they considered they hadn’t had a full meal.   My fault again, for not washing my hands after giving them their food.    I now use feeding tongs!
* * * * *

Most stupid feeding errors are the fault of the keeper, not the reptile.   Now I keep a bottle of hand cleanser next to the cages for use between feeds, and am very careful to wash my hand whenever I handle any snake food at other times.

Snake Biting Man

Snake Biting Man

Note:   This is not me!   If you know this image isn’t in the public domain, please let me know, so that I can credit it properly.