Shaya’s Story –  Don’t Let This Happen To You

Shaya was about 5 week old when she was purchased from an excellent reptile breeder in Victoria.  Unlike some of her siblings, she was very laidback, and wasn’t aggressive as are most hatchlings.

She was no problem at all to feed or handle, and was a healthy and happy little snake; she was a much loved addition to the family.

Juvenile M. bredl

Juvenile M. bredli. Image by Oliver Griffith, via Wikipedia.

One morning when her owners checked on her, she couldn’t be found.   They worried in case she’d escaped, then she was spotted.  It was worse than an escape!

She had managed to find a tiny space between the roof of the cage and the mesh light cover and had crawled inside.    She was coiled at the bottom of the light fitting.   Unfortunately, the poor little  snake had been unable to find her way out again, and the heat f rom the globe had killed her.

Her owners were devastated.   Needless to say, before purchasing another hatchling, the mesh cover was re-installed and it was ensured that this couldn’t happen again.

If you have covers on your lights, make sure that therere no spaces a baby snake can get through – the smallest gap is sufficient, and you wouldn’t want want to find your hatchling like this.

Please ensure that your snake cannot get into the light fittings and cannot escape – it only takes a very small hole and you have lost your much loved pet.