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We’ve been worried for a few months over a male Stimson’s python, which hasn’t been eating.  We tried just about everything we knew to get him to take some food.

This weekend, after putting him in a lidded bucket with a rat for about 30 minutes, he still hadn’t touched it.   This was getting really serious.

As a last resort, I grabbed the tongs and picked up the rat and decided to wriggle it in front of him.   He immediately struck at it!   The lid was put back on the bucket and he was left in peace for a while, and when he was checked, thankfully, he had eaten.

He’ll be fed again soon, and hopefully, he’ll take food with no problems, as we need to build him up again. He’s lost some weight over the non-eating time.

We’ve no idea why he decided not to eat for so long, unless it was weather related, and we hope it won’t happen in the future.

Python eating

Python eating


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