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Who would have thought that extra heavy rainfall would lead to goldfish escapees?   I certainly didn’t.

Recently, we had a very heavy downpour, during which I had to go outside to check my mailbox.   Lucky I did, as walking past the normally little dry creek bed beside the goldfish pond, I noticed the pond was overflowing, the creek was full, and a couple of my fish were swimming up and down it.

Of course, I dashed to get the net, and recaptured the escapees.

In the morning, when checking the pond again, the creek was drying out, and there was a multi-coloured goldfish dead on the rocks.  It was just too well camouflaged among the weeds and rocks, and I hadn’t seen it the day before whilst catching the others.

It just hadn’t occurred to me that 77 mls of rain could lead to escapees, and a goldfish death.   There have been some extra rocks added to the rim of the fish pond to prevent this happening again.


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