Problems With Rainfall

Who would have thought that extra heavy rainfall would lead to goldfish escapees?   I certainly didn’t.

Recently, we had a very heavy downpour, during which I had to go outside to check my mailbox.   Lucky I did, as walking past the normally little dry creek bed beside the goldfish pond, I noticed the pond was overflowing, the creek was full, and a couple of my fish were swimming up and down it.

Of course, I dashed to get the net, and recaptured the escapees.

In the morning, when checking the pond again, the creek was drying out, and there was a multi-coloured goldfish dead on the rocks.  It was just too well camouflaged among the weeds and rocks, and I hadn’t seen it the day before whilst catching the others.

It just hadn’t occurred to me that 77 mls of rain could lead to escapees, and a goldfish death.   There have been some extra rocks added to the rim of the fish pond to prevent this happening again.

Fish Love Waterweed!

For some reason, the waterweed in my pond really attracts the goldfish – they are killing it by eating! Why this particular weed is so popular, I don’t know.  I don’t even know what its name is.   Here’s a picture of it, so if anyone knows, please let me know in the comment section.

Pond Weed

Pond Weed

Could it be elodia?   I wonder if there is any way to stop the fish eating it?   Fortunately, I have another small pond with no fish, so the weed can be grown there and added to the other pond as necessary.

Unfortunately, when the fish breed, there will be no cover left for the fry to take cover in, and goldfish are cannibalistic to their eggs and young.  Perhaps the answer is get some thick plastic weed.

The Snakes Are Getting Old

After losing my first python, a little male Stimson’s, I realised that my snakes were all getting older.   When I checked on my oldest girl, I found that she was at least 20 years old, so is a pretty old python.

Although she is pretty healthy, she doesn’t eat as often as she used to, and is content to just lie around doing nothing.    The other younger female Stimson’s python is very active and eats everything offered.

It seems as though I will very soon have to accept that another of my snakes will cross the rainbow bridge.   At least she’s had a long and healthy life.

Even my Centralian python is at least fifteen years old, but he seems to be fine at present.   I’m not sure how long they live in captivity, but hopefully, at least to 20 years.

Tragic News

It’s been quite a while since my last post, as I’ve been pretty upset and haven’t felt like writing.

As you will have read, one of my pythons has been having trouble eating recently, and although he seemed to be getting better, his eating was very spasmodic.

Finally, I took him to a reptile vet, and after an examination and some x-rays, he told me that 80% of the little snake’s spine was fused, and he would have been in pain for some time.   This would have made him refuse to eat.  The vet was surprised that he moved as well as he was doing, with the problem.

After some discussion regarding pain relief, we decided that the kindest thing to do was to euthanize the animal, which was done immediately whilst he was still sedated from the examination.

It was very upsetting, and I’ll really miss that little python, who was the first snake I had, and was with me for over fifteen years.

Burning candle

Python Eats At Last

We’ve been worried for a few months over a male Stimson’s python, which hasn’t been eating.  We tried just about everything we knew to get him to take some food.

This weekend, after putting him in a lidded bucket with a rat for about 30 minutes, he still hadn’t touched it.   This was getting really serious.

As a last resort, I grabbed the tongs and picked up the rat and decided to wriggle it in front of him.   He immediately struck at it!   The lid was put back on the bucket and he was left in peace for a while, and when he was checked, thankfully, he had eaten.

He’ll be fed again soon, and hopefully, he’ll take food with no problems, as we need to build him up again. He’s lost some weight over the non-eating time.

We’ve no idea why he decided not to eat for so long, unless it was weather related, and we hope it won’t happen in the future.

Python eating

Python eating